Do you do custom commissions?

Yes! Please read all the details on my Custom Orders Page and fill out a “Custom Order Request Form”

Are the plants real?

The plants are artificial and the moss is preserved, so the planters require no maintenance. Everything inside the Gameboy is strongly glued together. However in the rare event that the items are delivered to you loosely, please get in touch.

Are the toys handmade?

The toys use for my pieces are sourced from Japan, I try to stick with authentic gently used Nintendo toys from brands like Bandai and Tomy. Some of the toys are also from Japanese Gashapon machines!

Where do you get your figures?

To be honest most of them come from Japan, but I get them from SO many different websites and independent sellers. Its taken me a long time to build my list of resources but if you are wondering what set a certain figure came from i’m more than happy to let you know! Just message me!

Can you do custom Jars or glass terrarium commissions?

Unfortunately I do not, because I do not have a steady or guaranteed supply of glass jars or terrariums. Make sure you keep an eye on my social media for updates on when these types of pieces become available.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, I do. Rates are inconsistent and change constantly so I cannot give quotes. You may also be responsible for international customs charges from your local post office, so please do research on your local postal fees.

How often do you update your shop?

I release new art pieces a few times per month. I announce on social media when the releases will happen. I usually release about 10-15 pieces including Gameboy planters, terrarium jars, pom pom hangers and magnets. Each one of my pieces is one of a kind, I will sometimes make variants of pieces but no two are ever the exact same.

Can I pre-order or reserve a piece ahead of time?

No, to make it fair for everyone all shop updates are first come first serve.


I really care about the environment and I try to keep my business as green as possible. I use 100% biodegradable bubble wrap and recycled boxes for packing. It does make my prices a little higher but I hope you understand the choices I make are always for the best of planet earth!

Etsy has also started a new program where they offset the carbon emissions of shipping for each order sold! you can learn more about that program here:

Why are your pieces expensive?

Unfortunately the supplies and materials I use to make these products are very expensive.

  • Running a small business is extremely expensive and this is my full time job.

  • Pokemon and Nintendo toys are always in high demand, even though I try to buy them in sets they are pricey.

  • I spend a lot of time and care on my art, each Gameboy piece takes me an average of 3-6 hours to complete.

  • Each piece is one of a kind. I do not make exact replicas of my past pieces, I may do variations but it is normally marked.

  • I use high quality products and real crystals.