Custom Orders


Holiday Custom Orders

HOLIDAY CUSTOM ORDER FORM OPEN- 14 SLOTS LEFT - Same options as the standard order form. Holiday custom orders start early because I need to get figures and supplies ordered before the holiday rush. It can also take extra time to ship in December and I need to allow time for figures and supplies to arrive from Japan.

**For guaranteed delivery by December 25th 2019 I recommend you have your order in no later than November 1st 2019***

Standard Customs

Standard Customs are CLOSED will re-open January 3rd 2020

Custom Order Request Form

Standard Customs are $85-$100(not including tax and International shipping), This includes everything: Gameboy Shell, 2-3 plants, 5 add-on’s, moss and figure up to $10 in cost (most figures aren’t more than $10)

GameBoy Color: $85

GameBoy: $85

GameBoy Advance: $90

Nintendo DS Lite: $100

Custom Orders now include FREE US Shipping/ International Shipping is $15+

It will take approximately 3-8 weeks to complete your order depending on what you choose. (wait can be long If have to wait for figures to arrive from overseas)

Payment is required in advance for all custom orders. All payments and shipping are processed through Etsy.

Once I have received your order request I will send you an email to confirm and figure options within 2-3 business days as well as a Etsy listing to purchase

Budget Customs

Budget Custom Orders are OPEN

Budget Custom Order Request Form

Price: GameBoy Color/GameBoy: $75 (not including tax and International shipping)

Includes: Figure, GameBoy or GameBoy Color shell, terrain, moss, 1-2 plants, and 3 add-ons. (and FREE US Shipping)

With Budget Customs you get a cheaper price because I use supplies that I have in stock currently. They are GUARANTEED to be ready within 2-3 weeks of the order date, so its great if you need a quick gift!

For Budget Customs MUST choose from only the items on the form!



Wedding Commissions are OPEN

I would love to help make your big day extra special! I’ve done engagement pieces, his &hers planters, centerpieces, cake toppers, bridal party gifts and more! :)

Wedding Request Form

You can also email me if you have any questions or want to request something different!


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