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Standard Customs

Standard Customs are OPEN

Custom Order Form

Standard Customs are $85-$100(not including tax and shipping), This includes everything: Gameboy Shell, 2-3 plants, 5 add-on’s, moss and figure up to $10 in cost (most figures aren’t more than $10)

GameBoy Color: $85

GameBoy: $90

Gameboy Advance: $95

Nintendo DS Lite: $100

Shipping ranges from $5-$15 within the US and international is usually $20+

With the standard option you get more communication and options regarding your piece, once the figure comes in I will send you a flat lay of everything together so you can see what it all looks like together before I assemble it, if you’d like :)

It will take approximately 3-8 weeks depending on what you choose. (wait can be long If have to wait for figures to arrive from overseas)

*NEW* Rapid Customs

Rapid Custom Orders are OPEN

Rapid Custom Order Form

Includes: Figure, GameBoy shell, terrain, moss, 1-2 plants, and 3 add-ons.

With Rapid Customs you get a cheaper price because I use supplies that I have in stock currently. They are GUARANTEED to be ready within 2 weeks of the order date! It is $75 for the piece (not including tax and shipping) which includes: Gameboy shell, terrain, figure, succulent and 3 add-ons.

For RFR customs MUST choose from only the items on the form!



Wedding Commissions are OPEN

I would love to help make your big day extra special! Please contact me if your interested in engagement pieces, his &hers planters, centerpieces, cake toppers, bridal party gifts and more! :)


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