Winnie Sumida

I am a PNW born and raised artist located in Kirkland, WA. I was making cute home decor as a hobby when I started Waku Waku Island back in 2016. When I had this idea of making a Gameboy planter I knew I had to make it work somehow. The first ever Gameboy planters I made were with real plants! but shipping is not possible so after a lot of practice, trial and error it evolved into what you see today. I have no formal art training, just a strong passion for crafting, decorating and everything cute. I also a deep nostalgic love for the art in video games especially Nintendo. I watch a lot of video game playthroughs and take long walks outside in nature to get inspiration for my pieces. :)

I also design hats for my parents children’s clothing company Huggalugs each season! you can check them out at and you can take a look at some of my best designs here on my portfolio page.